Mitosis, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Design Project, Spring 2007

In Collaboration with: Sheena Shook and Diony Lopez
American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers 3rd Place Prize Lead Coordinator; Conceptual Design; Schematic Design; Biomimetic Implementation; and, Compiled Final Design Packet.

The process by which a cell duplicates its genetic information (DNA), in order to generate two, identical, daughter cells. Mitosis is an important fact in all sciences. It is the basis of almost all life and science, without Mitosis nothing would exist.

Designing a research center, primarily concerned with biology, we thought it would be interesting to create a unique feel for the labs. By having them in the shapes of cells splitting, we are able to create an interesting work environment as well as interesting circulation space.

The circulation path is guided by the undulating walls of the labs. The people end up walking through office space. The office spaces are open to all those who work in the addition; this will help promote communication between people and use space efficiently. The labs are separated between nanotech and biology as well as the work spaces.

The implementation of light shelves, spread light further into a space. By using light shelves, we are increasing the amount of natural light that is able to access the room. This will also help with the reducing the need to use electric lighting.


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