Los Arroyos

Los Arroyos, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Design Project, Fall 2007

In Collaboration with: Serena Coltrane-Briscoe

Developed Case Studies; and, Designed from Conceptual Design through Construction Documents. Working in a two-person team, Serena and I developed Los Arroyos, a fringe urban development. We had two main concepts: (1) Canyon Walls and (2) Desert Wash Site Plan.

Canyon Walls
The skin of each apartment complex form outdoor courtyards with the ‘co-ops’ of service. The facade of each apartment building creates a unique pattern with varying depths and outdoor occupiable spaces. Each apartment has a different configuration, creating a unique elevation with may depths and layers. By having no apartment exactly the same, we are able to have dynamic spaces and no corridors for the entry into the apartment. Smaller windows and scooped roofs help facilitate wind to move through the space while decreasing the amount of energy lost through windows.

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Desert Wash Site Plan
Our canyon walls, formed by the apartment complex, shapes the bioswale that accepts all the rain run-off during the monsoon season. For the other 9 months of the year the bioswale acts as a dry desert garden, “Desert wash” with shading devices integrated into the design.


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